About the TAA

The non-governmental organization Tax Advisers Association was established to unite intellectual efforts of professionals – lawyers, auditors, tax advisers, accountants, scientists in the area of tax relations.

It is aimed to create a forum to exchange experience, promote research, and develop an appropriate level of tax culture in the society in order to protect rights and interests of those involved in tax relations. The Association carries out professional lobbing of legislative initiatives that are efficient from both taxpayers’ and state’s perspectives; works on compliance of Ukrainian tax legislation with EU standards; establishes cooperation with international profile organizations.

In order to fulfill its primary purpose and subsequent tasks, the Association established an advisory body on research and organizational activities – the Scientific Council. The Council consists of experienced scientists that have academic degrees in law and economics.

In view of its areas of activities, the Association made a list of its committees:

    • Tax and Customs Audit Committee;
    • Committee on Tax and Customs Disputes Practice;
    • Committee on Activities of Financial Investigations and Tax Policy Department;
    • International Tax Committee;
    • Transfer Pricing Committee;
    • Committee on Taxation and Financial Investment Protection in Agribusiness Industry.

In order to maintain talented young students, the Students League of the Association was established.

We are open for cooperation and invite you to join us. Let us develop the Ukrainian tax system together.